student-849828The main focus of the faculty’s educational programme was always on the interdisciplinary approach, which provides a systematic and holistic knowledge concerning organisational, economical and engineering problems. The XXI. century’s engineering studies require new challenges in the field of education, it demands the understanding of modern system, control theory, IT, operational analysis, virtual design, management, energy saving and environmental aspects, reliability theory and quality assurance management.

The aim of the faculty’s MSc studies is to deepen the knowledge gained on the BSc studies with mostly theoretical knowledge, but also with practical knowledge that is needed for an engineer graduate. The existing specializations give an opportunity to further develop the insight in certain areas.

Foreign students have the opportunity to attend a full Transportation Engineering Master (MSc), Vehicle Engineering Master (MSc), Logistics Engineering Master (MSc) and Autonomous Vehicle Control Engineer Master (MSc) study in English, which are the best engineering programs in Hungary in all aspects based on Hungarian Government Institution statistics.

Please note that not all specializations start every year based on the interest of the majority of students.

We offer a full PhD program in the field of transportation, vehicle engineering and logistics.

The information brochure about our educational programmes can be downloaded here!


The aim of the studies is to train vehicle engineers, who will be able to maintain and operate road-, railway-, water-,  air-, construction-, and material handling vehicles with knowledge gained in the fields of transportation and logistics.

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The aim of the studies is to train transportation engineers, who will be able to deal with the process planning routine for public transportation and the transportation of goods. They will be able to decide the proper tools for them and deal with issues related to infrastructure, control and IT systems.

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The aim of the studies is to train logistics engineers, who will be able to deal with logistics planning and the systems related to it. They will be able to decide on the proper tools in the field and manage these.

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The aim of the studies is to train autonomous vehicle control engineers, who will be able to deal with designing, developing and manufacturing autonomous vehicles, simulate networks, test and validate processes and work in a complex environment with various sensor data.

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The best graduate engineers of our faculty will get the opportunity to study and research in the 4 year programme of Kandó Kálmán Doctoral School. The programme will deepen the students’ knowledge in 3 main fields: high level natural science, foundation of profession and specialist subjects in vehicles and mobile machines, transportation and logistics sciences. Furthermore they will gather knowledge through specific optional subjects.

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