Basic courses

The aim of the study is to provide high level knowledge in the fields of mathematics, mechanics, material science, system theory, control theory, informatics, operation research, optimization, decision support and planning methods.

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Specific courses

These courses include transportation logistics and vehicle sciences and provide knowledge about transport networks, logistics processes, vehicles structures, and their theoretical, planning, modeling, analysis and measuring aspects.

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Transportation science PhD programme


The indicated PhD study plan is generally a recommendation for the PhD students. The basic courses are fixed for all PhD students, while the specific courses can be chosen by the PhD students from the list, but due to optimization requirements only such courses will be started, which are chosen by a predefined number of PhD students.
Therefore it is recommended to discuss with more PhD students about common interests. In case of no special course choice, the recommended courses of the indicated PhD study plan will start.

Vehicle science PhD programme

Coming soon!

Logistics science PhD programme

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Students of the Kandó Kálmán Doctoral School have to report their progress in each semester in form of a verbal presentation. Details about the requirements and the structure of the presentation can be downloaded.

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In the ideal case, after 4 years the PhD student can start the process, if he/she meets the minimum requirements, as number of approved publications (e.g. with impact factor in a peer-reviewed journal) and 2 foreign language certificates.

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The last step in achieving the PhD title is writing and handing in the dissertation. Together with the dissertation PhD students must produce a thesis booklet and a summary of their research. Furthermore the PhD student must meet the minimum requirements set for publications.

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Updated: 17.08.2017

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