• motor_2Engine and driveline

– Comprehensive simulational and computational experiences

– Engine and component analysis

– Powertrain simulation

– Transmission analysis

– Alternative fuels: CNG, hydrogen, biofuels


  • futomu_2Chassis and electronics

– Design of controlled vehicle dynamical control systems and testing on test benches

– Design of active suspension

– Planning of software modules of electronic brake systems

– Analysis of electronic brake system of a trailer

– Measuring caliper vibrations

– Control algorithm electro-mechanical self amplifying brake system

– Design of electronic steering algorithms for stability controller

– Brake system based vehicle dynamical controller

– Development of electronic stability control system

– Driver aid and autonomous systems


  • jarmuuzem_3Operation of vehicles

– Developments related to vehicle recycling

– Irregular vehicle operations – accident analysis

– Monitoring vehicle operations – FMS development

– Reliability analysis and system redundancy


  • anyagtud_2Material science

– Analysis of material properties

– Material failure analysis


  • gyartastechManufacturing technology

– Mechanical technologies

– Cutting technologies

– Laser technologies

– Assembly processes


  • gyartorendszerekManufacturing systems

– Assembly processes

– Optimisation of production lines

– Automation


  • diagnosztikaMeasuring and process diagnostics

– Measuring

– Diagnostics

– Analysing thermal processes

– Investigate inner holes

– Vibration and noise tests



For more information about our research fields, please contact us: transportation@mail.bme.hu

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