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Kandó Kálmán Doctoral School

Kandó Kálmán

The highest level of education at the faculty is represented by the doctoral studies (PhD) at the Kandó Kálmán Doctoral School, which prepares PhD students besides scientific research for teaching and research careers. The duration of the PhD program is 4 years, which consists of professional subjects, educational activities and independent scientific research. The research is lead by a supervisor, which results are presented by the PhD student in the form of publications and a PhD dissertation.

Within the framework of the Kálmán Kandó Doctoral School, we deal with complex transport, logistics, and vehicle related issues, and the currently available topics are constantly updated. The quality of the Doctoral School is ensured by the recognized, professionally high-quality core members. The university doctoral rules of BME are here.

The basic documents of the Kandó Kálmán Doctoral School and information about the PhD programme can be found here:



Administrator: Ms. Annamária Rákossy