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University life isn’t only about studying and hard work. Students in their early 20s have a basic need to relax and to have fun as a community. Our university provides a perfect balance in having fun and studying.

Faculty days

This is the event that every student craves more than Christmas. A week long pleasure and fun that gets the student community together. Numerous activities await the participants, like hiking, concerts, film festivals, sport and thought-provoking activities and competitions. Furthermore the traditional cart racing on the Szabadság bridge, the “Golden wheel” interactive quiz discovering the whole city and an awesome party every night.

Student dormitory

For the students of the faculty a place to live is provided in the Baross Gábor Dormitory. The well equipped and student friendly building is only a few minutes walk from the university, and since it’s in a public transportation hub, the city center isn’t much further away. There are a lot of shops, restaurants close to the dormitory, you can also find a library and many cultural and sport activities.

Freshmen’s camp

This is the event, where new students can gather together, get to know each other and gather basic information about their future studies. The 3 day camp is perfect to gather knowledge about the community life, the structure of the university and the education.

Activity groups

The students of the faculty have started several activity groups, where they can contribute to the community with their hobbies and the things they love the most. The range of the activities is very wide, everyone can find something to take part in, like car repair, newspaper editing, cooking and lots more.


The BME Sport Centre gives you the opportunity to try yourself out in most sports. There are soccer fields, gyms, squash fileds, climbing walls and more. Another well known sport centre is located in the Bogdánfy street, where the BME Sport Day is organized every year. You can find an indoor swimming pool here, where the students can take part in physical education classes. They also have 4 running tracks, 5 tennis courts and 4 soccer fields. The BME’s Villanyfényes soccer championship is also organized here.


This is the center of the faculty’s nightlife, where every student loves to spend time either for a relaxing glass of beer or for a party till dawn. But where do you find our HaBár? It’s well hidden on the ground floor of the Baross Gábor Dormitory, but after a few times visiting, you will be able to find it blindfolded. Already the outer decoration looks awesome, as you get closer and the interiors won’t disappoint you either. The corridor leading to the place is painted all over with road signs, and when entering it you will see the front of an Ikarus bus that has been rebuilt into a DJ desk. On the left side we can admire a metro with fully functional doors. On the right side we have Trabant cabrio, which fills the role of a sitting box. The interior walls are full with relevant paintings and above the visuals pleasures, the atmosphere is always very pleasant with friendly staff and good music.

Faculty nights

We are holding the faculty nights once every year according to an old tradition initiated by students of Selmecbánya from the XVIII. century. This is a very special night for our faculty, where we usually drink and sing a few songs while having a quality community time together. For more details you just have to be there and the experience the special atmosphere.


When leaving the friendly nest of the campus we have a real metropolis here. You can always find something fun and interesting in Budapest. Cultural activities, parties, gastronomy and much more.