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International projects

AcronymTitleDepartmentTypeDurationProject leaderDescriptionHomepage
RegiaMobilEnhancing Mobility Services in Rural Regions summaryTransport Technology and EconomicsCentral Europe2020-2022Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
BE OPENEuropean forum and oBsErvatory for OPEN science in transportTransport Technology and EconomicsH20202019-2021Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
ELECTRIC TRAVELLINGElectric travelling - platform to support the implementation of electromobility in Smart Cities based on ICT applicationsTransport Technology and EconomicsEME2018-2020Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
CA16222 WISE-ACTWider Impacts and Scenario Evaluation of Autonomous and Connected TransportTransport Technology and EconomicsCOST2018-2021Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
MaaS4EUEnd-to-end Approach for Mobility-as-a-Service tools, business models, enabling framework and evidence for European seamless mobilityTransport Technology and EconomicsH20202017-2020Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
EPICCentre of Excellence in Production Informatics and ControlMaterial Handling and Logistics SystemsH20202017-2023Bohács Gábor
MOVECITEngaging employers from public bodies in establishing sustainable mobility and mobility planningTransport Technology and EconomicsCentral Europe2016-2019Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
PROSPECTProactive Safety for Pedestrians and CyclistsTransport Technology and EconomicsH20202015-2018Tóth János
SMARTPOLISEstablishment of the Budapest Smart City Centre of ExcellenceAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesH20202015-2016Rohács Dániel
TU1305Social Networks and Travel BehaviourTransport Technology and EconomicsCOST2014-2018Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
TU1004Modelling Public Transport Passenger Flows in the Era of Intelligent Transport SystemsTransport Technology and EconomicsCOST2014-2015Esztergár-Kiss Domokos
STARTERSustainable Transport for Areas with Tourism through Energy ReductionTransport Technology and EconomicsIEE2012-2015Nagy Zoltán
A2-NET-TEAMAdvanced Aircraft Network for Theoretical & Experimental Aeroservoelastic ModelingAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesFP72012-2014Gáti Balázs
ESPOSAEfficient Systems and Propulsion for Small AircraftAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesFP72011-2015Rohács József
INNOVATEModelling support to validationAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesSESAR JU2011-2014Rohács József
Move It!Modernisation of Vessels for Inland waterway freight TransportAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesFP72011-2014Simongáti Győző
SAT-RdmpSmall Air Transport - RoadmapAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesFP72011-2013Rohács József
NELICooperation-Network for Logistics and Nautical Education focusing on Inland Waterway Transport in the Danube Corridor Supported by Innovative SolutionsAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesSEE2009-2012Hargitai Csaba
EcoRailSEnergy efficiency and environmental criteria in the awarding of regional rail transport vehicles and servicesTransport Technology and EconomicsIEE2009-2011Mészáros Ferenc
DELTAConcerted coordination for the promotion of efficient multimodal interfacesTransport Technology and EconomicsFP72009-2010Nagy Zoltán
MODSafeModular urban transport safety and security analysisDepartment of Control for Transportation and Vehicle SystemsFP72009-2012Sághi Balázs
TRANS-AIDTransfer of Knowledge in Transport Infrastructure FinancingTransport Technology and EconomicsFP62005-2008Tánczos Lászlóné
IMPRINT-NETImplementing Pricing Reform in Transport NetworkingTransport Technology and EconomicsFP62005-2008Tánczos Lászlóné
REORIENTImplementing Change in the European Railway System, a Project Supporting Seamless Inter-modal Freight Transport along a Trans-European corridorTransport Technology and EconomicsFP62005-2007Tánczos Lászlóné
GRACEGeneralisation of Research on Accounts and Cost EstimationTransport Technology and EconomicsFP62005-2007Tánczos Lászlóné
HEATCODeveloping Harmonised European Approaches for Transport Costing and Project AssessmentTransport Technology and EconomicsFP62004-2006Tánczos Lászlóné
ECOHYBDevelopment of face milling process for Mg-hybrid (Mg-Al, Mg-sintered steel) materialsDepartment of Vehicle TechnologyFP62004-2006Takács János
CREATINGConcepts to Reduce Environmental impact and Attain optimal Transport performance by Inland NavigationAeronautics, Naval Architecture and Railway VehiclesFP62004-2006Simongáti Győző
SPECTRUMConcepts to Reduce Environmental impact and Attain optimal Transport performance by Inland NavigationTransport Technology and EconomicsFP52002-2005Tánczos Lászlóné
TIPPTransport Institutions in the Policy ProcessTransport Technology and EconomicsFP52002-2004Tánczos Lászlóné
MC-ICAMMarginal Cost Pricing in Transport - Integrated Conceptual and Applied Model AnalysisTransport Technology and EconomicsFP52001-2003Tánczos Lászlóné
UNITEUNIfication of accounts and marginal costs for Transport EfficiencyTransport Technology and EconomicsFP52000-2003Tánczos Lászlóné