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BOSCH-EJJT Mechatronic Test Laboratorymechatronikai_lab

  • Climatic tests, heat shocks
  • Corrosion, vibration (Agree Test)
  • Vehicle simulation
  • Residual Bus Simulation
  • Steering robot and measurement wheels
  • On-board data acquisition system

Material test laboratoryanyagvizsgalo_lab

  • Sample preparation equipment
  • Hardness measurement
  • Micro combi tribo tester

Manufacturing laboratorygyartastech_lab

  • Laser equipment
  • 3D coordinate measurement machines
  • Laser interferometer
  • Surface roughness measuring
  • Screwing bench
  • Force measurement equipment
  • High speed camera
  • Thermocamera
  • Endoscope

CAD laboratorytervezes

  • 3D CAD softwares
  • Finite element analysis
  • Topological optimisation
  • Fatigue simulation

Tribological measuring room

  • Stereo microscope
  • Scratch analysis device

Vehicle mechatronics labjarmumech

  • Prototype development tools: NI CompactDAQ modular measurement system, NI Compactrio embedded modular control and measurement system
  • Connected Car system development: Bluetooth-CAN and LIN gateways, Android / iOS development systems
  • Electronic driven and steered go-kart, quadrocopter

Vehicle control and air traffic control labirtech

  • Measuement panels and instruments for technical, pneumatical and PLC experiments for control of BLDC motors
  • ABS and magnetic levitation experimental equipment for vehicle control
  • National Instruments Labview software, NI MyDAQ universal data collection tool for emulation environments and measurements

Road transport labkozuti

  • Micro and macro modelling of road traffic: highway traffic, automatic incident prevention, urban traffic, emission modelling
  • Road traffic control: highway traffic control, urban traffic, public transport preemption
  • ITS applications: measurement and estimation of road traffic parameters, application of mobile network data in transportation, artificial intelligence solutions


Electrotechnics labelektrotechnika

  • Electrical basic unit measurements
  • Motor generator measurements
  • Circuit measurements of active electronic elements

Railway automatics labvasuti_automatika

  • Critical safety system application with PLC
  • Mechanical railway safety elements
  • Railway safety devices
  • Controllable railway light device