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PhD Topics

prioritasEnhancement of public transportation quality by priorization

  • Analysis of the combination of priorization methods, elaboration of strategies
  • Elaboration of a dynamic priorization model, evaluation of system benefits
  • Minimization of expected travel times and increasing its reliability


forgalmi_modellezesApplication of traffic modelling in the development of intelligent transportation systems

  • Comparison of transportation modelling methods and processes
  • Developing urban traffic control strategies with dynamic traffic forecasting
  • Analysis of factors affecting travel time reliability


multimodalisOptimization of multimodal travel chains

  • Method elaboration for the evaluation of multimodal journey planners
  • Analysis of user group needs based on personal preferences
  • Organization of daily activity chains using LBS technology


regret_minEffects of ITS developments in transport macromodelling

  • Human behaviour and personal travel guidance
  • Examine location, mode and route choice influencing
  • Travelling habits, expected and perceived utilities and regrets


idojarasInfluencing of road traffic parameters by integrated infocommunication technology

  • Safety enhancement through traffic management and information services
  • Analysis of traffic management and parking on highways
  • Weather dependent control on highways


integralt_legiConnection of passenger transport systems, development of adaptive organizational and management processes in air transportation

  • Development of integrated air passenger information system model
  • Analysis of time elements of travel chain
  • Examination of the role of mobile application in travel chain
  • Development of system model for mobile application in air transport
  • Development of quality assessment method for air passenger transport


hangyaalgOptimized multimodal route planner development for passengers

  • Study of heuristic algorithms (Ant-colony and genetic algorithm)
  • Planning on multimodal networks
  • Connecting of the individual and public transport


kerekparIntegration of cycling into the urban transport system

  • Analysis of the cycling characteristics
  • Evaluation of bicycle transport network rating indicators
  • Elaboration of simulation models, developing a computer application


carsharingInfluencing traveller and operator decision making by integrated telematics service on the basis of mobility needs and service quality

  • Quality examination of novel modes of transportation
  • Modeling mode choice of traveler
  • Development of a decision support application



  • Application of bioethanol and biogas in combustion engines, produced by industrial and agricultural waste
  • Interaction of vehicle design and construction
  • Analysis of hybrid exhaust gas recirculation
  • Examination of wetting conditions at interfaces
  • Laser joining of plastic and metal materials


anyagaramlasConnection analysis and development of the material flow system and the related simulation model

  • Analysis of online material flow systems with simulation support
  • Analysis of development possibilities of adaptive simulations for predicting material flow systems

emelogepLifting machines’ application in the part-supply of the production logistics

  • Safety issues of the lifting machines
  • Analysis of new lifting machine constructions in production logistics


autonom_robotIntegrational capabilities of material handling system made of autonomous, mobile robots into industrial production systems

  • Analysis of the navigation of driverless forklift trucks, their communication with each other and SAP
  • Analysis of implementation of mobile robots in the industry


uzleti_intelligenciaDevelopment of AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Business Intelligence applications in logistics

  • Investigation of Fuzzy-Evolution-Neural based algorithms and development of logistics applications based on these methods
  • Time series identification and forecasting based on ARIMA modeling & DA
  • Investigation of evolutionary computing intelligence methods for stochastic processes


termelesi_rendszerIncreasing efficiency of logistics processes supporting production systems by the increase of the control-machine intelligence

  • Application of presently applied hardware devices for the implementation of further logistic functions
  • Analyzing the question if the efficiency of the production control can be developed by the information from the material flow system


epitesi_folyamatokAnalysis of construction processes with logistics principles

  • Mapping of processes of construction works, searching for optimalization opportunities
  • Implementing a pilot system (on board systems, GPS)


city_logisztikaDeveloping urban goods transport by using city logistics solutions

  • Creating the mesoscopic model of consolidated urban goods transport. Comparison of alternative solutions with simulation
  • Optimalization of supply chain structures. Selection of transport (and handling) technologies


taverzekelesThe applicability of intelligent range sensing and modelling methods in the construction automation

  • Exploration of new fields of the intelligent sensors, 3D imaging and camera systems usage
  • Investigation of 3D models applicability created by CAM-CAD system to the field of 3D object recognition


optimalizacios_eljarasNon-conventional optimalization methods for increase of efficiency in logistics of service-like processes

  • Logistics of services: Logistic at home? In education? In the government processes? In medical attendance?
  • Developing new logistic models for different fields, where the main function is not the logistics


lean_eszkozokThe scientific study of lean tools

  • The study of paradigms behind lean tools
  • Exploring the limits of lean tools
  • Applicability of the pull-systems, the kanban system, and the heijunka


Modification of the technical drawing rules regarding the priorities of the 3D modelling

  • Technical drawing rules developed for manual drawing
  • 2D generating angorithms of the 3D modelling systems do not take into consideration all of these rules
  • Approach of the real engineering practice and the rules
  • Recommendations towards the software makers and standard assemblers


vazszerkezetekElasto-plastic stability of frame structures

  • Typisation of loss of stability in elastic and plastic cases
  • Computation of stability limits and critical loads


nemlinearisNonlinear waves in traffic systems

  • Acceleration/deceleration of a vehicle platoon element propagates wavelike in the platoon



Traffic and vehicle control

  • Accumulator status detection in vehicles for better energy management
  • Decreasing of storehouse machine columnvibration with modern control measures
  • Optimal following control for UAV tools
  • Changeable directed traffic lane analysis on urban transportation networks
  • Using LPV method to improve quality parameters of integrated vehicle control systems
  • New methods for traffic measurement and control
  • Adaptiv speed control based on traffic, environment vehicle dynamics and driver parameters