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Autonomous Vehicle Control engineering Master (MSc)

Autonomous Vehicle Control engineering Master (MSc)

Nowadays changes generated by info communication technology have fundamental effect on transport vehicles, infrastructure, passengers and in general the society. In the area of vehicle industry the continuous expansion of automation can be observed. One main pillar is the development of the environment sensing in vehicles, the spreading of communication technologies and the performance growth of electronic control devices.

For more information about the application process, please visit the website of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

During the 4 semester long MSc study, our aim is to provide the required knowledge to graduates in the fields of vehicle technology, control theory, intelligent systems, information technology and communications. The students will be prepared to take part in designing, developing and manufacturing autonomous vehicles, simulate networks, test and validate processes and work in a complex environment with various sensor data. The students will also be able to facilitate the creation of safe and energy-saving operation of autonomous transportation systems considering environmental and sustainable parameters.

The cooperation with our industrial partners guarantees that students will be able to participate in the latest research and development projects. The integration of the requirements of the industrial partners and project results to the curriculum leads to a unique education programme, that helps to achieve a specific knowledge transfer between the university and the vehicle industry. The students will also be prepared to management tasks and to creatively participate in Research & Development related tasks. These studies prepare students for our PhD programmes.