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Logistics engineering Master (MSc)

Logistics engineering Master (MSc)

The 4 semester long MSc study is a continuation of the BSc studies. Our aim is to train graduates, who will be able to plan, organize and control corporate logistics systems, good transport systems and supply and distribution networks. Furthermore they will be able to join to developing logistics systems related machines and tools. The students will also be able to deal with complex logistics system modeling and optimization, they understand operation and planning principles of corporate logistics systems, distribution networks and supply chains. The students will also be prepared to manage leading tasks, to creatively participate in R&D related problem, and continue their studies later on our PhD programme.

For more information about the application process, please visit the website of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


Corporate logistics and operations planning specialization

The focus of the specialization is to transfer knowledge on the corporate logistics processes and systems, and to further strengthen the ability on logistics planning. The students will learn about the planning of material flows in intralogistics (transporting, loading, material handling, warehousing and order picking systems) and related planning of information flow systems and processes. They will also learn about the complex planning process of extralogistics networks, as the development of transport organization and control methods, corporate IT systems (ERP-s, decision supporting systems), logistics softwares and efficient methods of corporate logistics control (S&OP, supply and demand planning, production planning). The learning of these methods is followed by project oriented work.

Technical logistics specialization

The aim of the specialization is to present students required technological knowledge needed for the realization of physical logistics processes. They will acquire knowledge about planning and analysis of logistics machines, equipment, tools (material handling machines, transfer equipment, control and system components), industry robots, packaging machinery. Automatization and control of operational logistics systems, and application and development of logistics database handling systems will be highlighted. The courses cover thoroughly about intralogistics processes (robot technologies, automatic recognition systems, AI). Practical knowledge will be gained through industry specific machinery and in the university laboratories.

Freight forwarding management specialization

Student will acquire up-to-date knowledge in the fields of shipping and forwarding. Students will gain knowledge about methods of business, financial and accounting techniques in the fields of freight forward marketing and management. Graduates will be able to handle finances of material handling, storing and distributional businesses. They will learn about the business skills needed for service and system planning. The main focus of the specialization is on decision support methods, elaboration of practical case studies, which helps develop team work, problem solving and presentation skills.