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The highest level of the faculty’s education is represented by the Kandó Kálmán Doctoral School, where the PhD students are being prepared for scientific research and a possible career as a professor and researcher. The 4 years program lets the students take part in professional subjects and courses, teaching activities and individual scientific research tasks. Research activity is being led by a professional supervisor, and the PhD students will show their results through their publications and later in their dissertation.

The high quality of the education is guaranteed by the well recognized core members of the programme. The programme’s tasks deal with transportation, vehicle industry, logistics and autonomous vehicles related questions, which actual topics are frequently updated.

General information on the application

Requirements of the application are an MSc degree, a foreign language certificate and possibly previous scientific research (e.g. scientific competitions, publications). The applicants will be also invited to a professional interview. In the application process one must get approved by the Doctoral Council.

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Initiation of the PhD process

In the ideal case, after 4 years the PhD student can start the process, if the PhD student has collected 240 credits and meets the minimum requirements, as number of approved publications (e.g. with impact factor in a peer-reviewed journal) and 2 foreign language certificates. The last step in achieving the PhD title is writing and handing in the dissertation. Together with the dissertation PhD students must produce a thesis booklet and a summary of their research.