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Vehicle Engineering Master (MSc)

Vehicle Engineering Master (MSc)

The 4 semester long master education programme is a continuation of the bachelor vehicle engineering studies. Our aim is to provide the required knowledge to graduates, required to manage development, design, dimensioning, manufacturing and analyzing internal processes of different vehicles. The students will also be prepared to management tasks and to creatively participate in Research & Development related tasks. These studies prepare students for our PhD programmes.

For more information about the application process, please visit the website of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.


Automotive, Aerospace, Naval, Railway vehicle engineer specialization

The specializations provide the required knowledge for systematic design and development of vehicles, interaction of vehicles and tracks, facilities and control systems, vehicle dynamics processes, simulation and optimal operation design tasks. The studies include practice oriented complex design project tasks.

Mobile machinery and construction equipment, Automated material handling system specialization

Systematic planning and development of mobile and construction equipment machinery and automated material handling system, interaction analysis of manufacturing sites, material flow process and control systems. The education involves studying dynamic process, system simulation and optimal planning, additionally solving complex vehicle design tasks.

Vehicle manufacturing and repairing engineer specialization

Investigations are conducted of modern material usage and material analysis methodologies, vehicle specific technologies, especially focusing on technical aspects of automated manufacturing units. Furthermore the following specific areas are covered: modern surface coating and finishing technologies, automated repairing technologies, information systems and diagnostic based problem analyzing, modern technologies of vehicle remanufacturing and quality assurance.

Vehicle system engineer specialization

In this specialization the focus is put to the comprehensive analysis of vehicles, especially structural systems, energetic and control systems, interaction of the vehicle and its surroundings, vehicle system simulation and optimization, intelligent vehicles, analysis of control interactions, vehicle system dynamics and control, vehicle operation and safety issues.

Road and traffic safety engineer specialization

This specialization deals with actions and processes related to road accidents, legal environment, human effects, evaluating accidents, assessment of damages and expert evaluations. Furthermore vehicle dynamics related calculations and simulations, active and passive vehicle safety, road safety analysis, instrumental vehicle analysis are assessed.

Vehicle automation engineer specialization

This specialization provides knowledge about systematic design and development of vehicle automation systems, driver assistance and autonomous vehicle control system, environmental perception and control systems. During design phase safety and reliability issues are taken into account. Furthermore vehicle dynamics, system simulation, optimal planning, solving of complex vehicle automation tasks are assessed.

Vehicle structure engineer specialization

The focus is on vehicle structure design and development, where types, construction, materials, mechanics and control systems of vehicles structures are covered in this specialization. Furthermore the process of design and quality control with modern tools and solving of complex vehicle structure construction design projects are included.

Specialization in Aircraft Maintenance and Repair

The goal of the Course is to graduate engineers who can start working immediately in the field of MRO after completing entrance and type certification trainings.