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Final exam

Students can apply for Final Examination, if all obligatory subjects have been completed, all together at least 120 credits have been reached, all criterion requirements are fulfilled (e.g. 4 weeks of internship) and the master thesis has been submitted. Students have to register for Final Examination via Neptun system (and should pay attention when choosing the department). The Final Examinations take place in the examination period, and they are scheduled by the Department. The schedule is announced on the homepage of the Department.

The Final Examination consists of two parts: defending of the master thesis and examination of three chosen subjects. In order to prepare, students should receive the review of the Opponent few days before defending the thesis.

Requirements of defending:

  • The master thesis and its abstract have been uploaded to the thesis portal.
  • A printed copy of the thesis has been submitted to the Consultant.
  • Evaluation sheets (one bound into the thesis and one on a separate sheet) have been signed by the Consultant, the External Supervisor and the Opponent.

Defending starts with a short (10 minutes) presentation of the master thesis, which focuses mainly on the own work and achievements of the student. This is followed by some questions of the Committee.


The Final Examination subjects are chosen by the student at the start of the semester. These subjects will be listed on the specification sheet of the thesis, and cannot be modified later!

Rules of choosing the subjects:

  • Three subjects have to be chosen with a minimum total credit value of 15.
  • All subjects cannot be from the same module (e.g. only base subjects or only specialization).
  • Minimum two of the subjects have to be chosen from the Department.


The final grade of the Master’s Degree is determined as the sum of three parts:

  • Average of grades (of all subjects during all study periods) multiplied by 0.5,
  • Final grade of the master thesis multiplied by 0.3,
  • Average of Final Examination subjects’ grades multiplied by 0.2.


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