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MSc internship

During the Master Program, an internship at a company for 4 weeks is compulsory in summer. The internship should happen after the 2nd semester (as only one summer period is available during MSc program) and before thesis work (in the fourth semester). The internship is a requirement to receive a master diploma.

After taking the internship course at the relevant department, the definition of the potential – Mater program related – topic and place of the internship is required in cooperation with:


As the most preferred option the location of the company should be ideally in home countries (as students usually spend the summer period at home). Therefore possible transportation related companies should be looked for in the current semester in home countries. Naturally, Hungarian or companies in other countries are also acceptable.

As a second option previous internships from the field of transportation can also be acceptable. In this case, the requirements of the administration process (application form, report and certification form) at the department should be followed, as well.


Looking for a place for the internship is basically an individual process. The only official support that the faculty can provide to assist your successful application to companies is that if a company asks for an attendance confirmation, stating that you are a student at BME and you have to fulfill an internship, it will be prepared. This document is available on demand, in paper format.

The need for the document should be indicated personally or via email to Miklós Kózel in case of all Master programs.


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