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MOVE IT! – Modernisation of Vessels for Inland waterway freight Transport

MoVe IT! develops a suite of options for the modernisation of inland ships that meet the challenges of over-aging of the fleet, climate change and stronger environmental objectives and provides decision support regarding the application of these options. In this suite of options, knowledge gained from new buildings, technology transfer from other transport modes, improvement of energy efficiency & ecological performance, transition to the post-fossil-fuel-era and adaptation to new ADN rules are prominent.

One of the main focal points of MoVe IT! is the modernisation of the ship’s drive and power system in a way that is matched to the conditions it will face throughout its life. This will result in significantly better performance compared to the ship’s old systems that are designed to fulfil a single design condition. First, the conditions the ship will encounter are established through full-scale measurements. Using the operational profiles resulting from these measurements, the ship’s power systems and hydrodynamics are reviewed and optimal, integrated solutions are developed that minimize investments and ecological impact while maximizing efficiency.

Research topics include new power system configurations, alternative fuels, retrofitting techniques for existing engines, improved hull and propulsors and assistance to the captain for efficient sailing. Further crucial modernization measures are to increase the vessel’s main dimensions to achieve economical and ecological scale advantages and upgrade of old tankers to meet new ADN requirements.

MoVe IT! also invests heavily in assessing the economic viability of solutions as well as their contribution to environmental improvements. Subsequently, modernisation support for ship owners, policy support and (full scale) demonstrators will contribute to lowering the acceptance threshold for modernization.