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PROSPECT – Proactive Safety for Pedestrian and Cyclists

Project acronym: PROSPECT

Project title: Proactive Safety for Pedestrian and Cyclists

Duration: 2015–2018

Source: Horizon 2020

Funding: 6.931.978 €



The past decade has seen significant progress on active pedestrian safety, as a result of advances in video and radar technology. In the intelligent vehicle domain, this has recently culminated in the market introduction of first-generation active pedestrian safety systems, which can perform autonomous emergency braking (AEB-PED) in case of critical traffic situations. PROSPECT will significantly improve the effectiveness of active VRU safety systems compared to those currently on the market. This will be achieved in two complementary ways:

  • by expanded scope of VRU scenarios addressed and
  • by improved overall system performance (earlier and more robust detection of VRUs, proactive situation analysis, and fast actuators combined with new intervention strategies for collision avoidance).

PROSPECT targets five key objectives:

  • Better understanding of relevant VRU scenarios;
  • Improved VRU sensing and situational analysis;
  • Advanced HMI and vehicle control strategies;
  • Four vehicle demonstrators, a mobile driving simulator and a realistic bicycle dummy demonstrator;
  • Testing in realistic traffic scenarios and user acceptance study.