Application 2017 – the deadline is near!

We are pleased to invite interested students to the MSc and PhD programme of the Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering, where we provide such a competitive and comprehensive knowledge, that you will have no problem finding a job in Europe.

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Foreign students have the opportunity to attend a full Transportation Engineering Master (MSc) study in English, while Vehicle Engineering Master (MSc) and Logistics Engineering Master (MSc) are available as partial study with several single courses in English. A new Autonomous Vehicle Control Engineer Master (MSc) program will be launched in 2018.

We provide an updated and trendy curriculum, which is both suitable for the requirements of modern ages and for the interest of the students.


You will spend your best years at BME in Hungary, Central Europe, where besides receiving useful skill you will find new friends and community, and you can be part of our student life!



Visegrad Strategic Project Workshop in Budapest

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is hosting the second project workshop of the
Visegrad Strategic Project: Transport Integration for Prosperity. The Importance of Rail Connections for the V4 Internal Cohesion. The project, in which seven universities from all the V4 countries are participating, aims at harmonisation of V4 transport policies. It will enable the improvement of coordination of this policy and also the improvement of cross border connections.

More details about the workshop can be read here!


Start of the MoveCit project

In the summer of 2016 was the official kick-off meeting of MoveCit project, where our Faculty is a project partner.

The main objective of MoveCit project is to achieve travel behavioural change of municipality staff, when travelling to workplaces. At the same time the project aims to change used modes of transportation, thus lowering CO2 emission and all other environmentally negative effects of car-oriented traffic by adopting workplace mobility plans by municipalities.


In the course of the project workplace mobility plans will be produced for several municipalities. The main objectives of the project will be achieved through exchange of experience and implementation of trainings. With this increased knowledge more advanced workplace mobility plans will be realized, and thus sustainable behaviour will be promoted among municipality employees. By choosing more environmental friendly transportation modes, citizens’ perception of sustainability will be increased and will become a mainstream approach.

During the project many associated partners, mostly regional bodies and other local key players, will attend the project events and gain valuable knowledge. With the fruitful cooperation and through the informative project events our partners will be improved and will gain experience in the field of sustainable mobility measures.

In order to demonstrate the efficiency of workplace mobility plans, pilot measures will be established. These pilots aim to address the practical usage and benefits of sustainable transportation modes in municipalities, such as e-bike, car-sharing, jobtickets, application of innovative software. The pilot actions will be accompanied by awareness raising campaigns, thus citizens will have the opportunity to recognize the newest trends in sustainable mobility.

Autonomous vehicles workshop at BME

In the field of autonomous vehicles BME is planning the development of multilevel and efficient laboratories, recruitment of talented foreign students and reaching international scientific results.

jovo_autoi_recar_01“The pillars of RECAR (Research Center for Autonomous Road Vehicles) are education, research and a Hungarian test track” – summarized Zsolt Szalay, Head of Department of Automobiles and Vehicle Manufacturing.

In the “Future cars” workshop Viktor Orbán, prime minister of Hungary, claimed that the test track (which enables testing of autonomous vehicles) is a profitable investment on national level.

The full article can be reached on the website of BME (in Hungarian)!

Presentation about intelligent vehicles at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Bokor_MTAOur professors, József Bokor and László Palkovics have hold a presentation about intelligent vehicles at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In their talk they outlined how to reach from on-board guidance systems to fully autonomous vehicles. In the development special emphasis is given to environment sensing, communication, vehicle dynamics and control. The results from the cooperation of academic and industrial partners contribute to significant development activities.

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