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Safety First! Competition 2024: Celebrating Innovation in Vehicle Safety & Security

We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Safety First! competition in 2024. With a total of five teams and 12 students showcasing their innovative ideas, the event highlighted crucial advancements in vehicle safety.

Out of the initial five teams, four advanced to the finals, demonstrating exceptional progress from ideation to implementation. Here’s a glimpse of the remarkable projects presented by the podium finalists:

  1. DBN-Sense: Introduced a hidden Markov model for predicting accident risk across various scenarios.
  2. The Crash Test Dummies: Developed a camera-based solution to mitigate wildlife-related traffic accidents.
  3. Connectivity Visionaries: Established an innovative test environment comparing DSRC and cellular technology-based applications to enhance the safety of vulnerable road users.

After rigorous evaluation, the final rankings were unveiled:

  • 1st Place: DBN-Sense
  • 2nd Place: The Crash Test Dummies
  • 3rd Place: Connectivity Visionaries

Congratulations to all the finalists for their outstanding contributions to advancing vehicle safety!

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our jury members from our industrial partners:

Péter Simányi, Jaguar Land Rover

Réka Enikő Jenei, Bosch

Thank you for your valuable work and contribution to the success of the competition!