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SESAR Engage KTN – Call for PhDs and post-graduate theses

Kép6The  Engage  KTN  will foster  the  growth  of  a  community  of  early  stage  researchers  in  Europe,  dedicated  to  advancing  the  state  of the art  in  air  traffic  management. A  core  part  of  the Engage  KTN’s  activity  is  the  financial  support  of  PhDs  and  other  post-graduate thesis  dissertations.  A  budget  of  nearly  one  million  euros  is  allocated  to  this  activity,  to  be  shared  proportion ally  between  the  number  of  eligible  post-graduate  dissertation  and  PhD  proposals  submitted.

Proposals  must  contain  innovative  research  ideas  and  address  the  (long-term)  evolution  of  the European ATM system.

The Call closes on 01 November 2018 at 17:00 (Brussels time).

You can find more information here, and also on the website of the program.