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More than 180 transportation experts attended the hEART 2019 symposium in Budapest

Heart2019_konferenciaExperts from all around the world arrived to the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to discuss the future challenges of transportation in the hEART 2019 conference. The Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering organized the three days event, in cooperation with the steering committee of the European Association for Research in Transportation.

The main focuses of the 8th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation were the advances of transportation modelling, the effects of dynamic traffic assignment, the changes of travel habits and the impacts of autonomous vehicles.

On Monday, Professor Sergio R. Jara-Diaz, the former dean of the Universidad de Chile presented a lecture of interrelations between strategic design and pricing in Public Transport. Before the Symposium, the Faculty also organized a summer school, where internationally acknowledged experts gave lectures for 65 PhD students about dynamic modelling, sustainability, machine learning and the effect of vehicle automation.

Participants arrived from more than 20 countries to attend the Symposium, which started with the keynote speech of Professor Chandra R. Bhat. The Professor of the University of Texas talked about the emerging new choice analysis directions and challenges in a fast evolving technological environment. The following day Professor Cathy Macharis from the Vrije Unversiteit Brussels held a lecture about the ways of transforming the current transport systems to reach the climate goals. At the last day of the Symposium Eric T. Verhoef, Professor of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam was the keynote speaker, who was focusing on the questions of using tradable permits to manage urban traffic congestion.

The 8th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation was a great success, where more than 180 international experts discussed the future challenges of transportation. For more information, visit the website if the hEART 2019 –