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Coursera for Campus

Dear Students,
In 2020 the Faculty joined the Coursera for Campus program. Thanks for this cooperation, now you have the opportunity to attend courses presented by the wold’s leading Universities and corporations for free, as the student of the Faculty. After successfully attending the course, students will receive a validation certificate.
Why is it worth to join Coursera courses?
– You can attend the courses presented by the best Universities
– You can gain exceptional knowledge that gives you advantages amongst other engineer students
– By completing a course, you can make a request to the Faculty for accepting it as an optional subject
– It is totally free of charge!
We offer the access to the courses for 100 students per semester. MSc and PhD students may also apply!
You can check out the list of courses here:

Lauch of the courses: from February, 2021!

ATTENTION! The registration rules have been changed for 2021: 1 student registration allows 1 licence (i.e. 1 course enrollment). If you wish to ask for 2 licences, you shall fill the form twice, by giving two different email addresses during the application!

Register now by filling the form to have the opportunity to get the licences. You may apply for multiple licences (maximum 2 licences). After the registration the Faculty will rank the incoming requests according to your actual cummulated grade point average.

Please fill-in the registration form to apply for the Course of Campus program.

For any further questions, please contact the vice dean for education of the Faculty:

Application deadline: February 19th, 2021