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Our Faculty’s Electromobility Research Group visited one of the world’s largest cities

Members of the Electromobility Research Group at the Department of Transport Technology and Economics visited one of the largest cities in the world, the Chinese city of Chongqing, in mid-August (16-23) in the frame of a bilateral research project  (2019-2.1.11-TÉT Methods to Optimize the Energy Use of Electric Road Vehicles).

The aim of the two-year project is to build international connections. Having a personal relationship facilitates more effective research and contributes to submitting and grating further project proposals. Participated researchers are the members of the BME Electromobility Research Group (Csaba Csiszár DSc, Bálint Csonka PhD, Dávid Földes PhD, Szilárd Szigeti) and vehicle engineers from the Chongqing University of Technology, School of Vehicle Engineering (Xin Ye PhD, Yang Shuai PhD, Ye Ming PhD, Lai Fei PhD). During the project, the researchers are dealing with the energy-efficient operation of electric cars.

During the one-week trip, the Hungarian researchers participated in several professional activities:

  • Introducing the research areas for the researchers and students from the Chongqing University of Technology; revealing the joint research and publication opportunities; visiting the university labs.
  • Visiting the Hungarian-Chinese Technology Transfer Centre.
  • Learning about the research fields and labs of the Institute of Intelligent Automotive Technology and the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute; discussing the joint cooperation opportunities.
  • Visiting the assembly hall of the AITO electric car manufacturer company.

Besides the professional programs, the researchers also learned about Chinese culture, transport, and food. They tried the extremely spicy Chongqing cuisine, participated in a traditional tea ceremony, visited the pupilar landmarks of the city and the exhibition centre on the city’s past, present and planned future, and took a ride on the monorail which goes through a house. In addition, Yinying He PhD, a former PhD student of our faculty, came to Chongqing to meet his former supervisor and fellow researchers.