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A young business at a prestigious event

A newly-formed spin-off company from BME also got the chance to showcase its innovations at the prestigious motor show.

The IAA MOBILITY 2023 international automotive exhibition took place in Munich from 5 to 10 September, where more than 300 industry innovations were presented to over 3,700 journalists from 82 countries and more than 500,000 visitors. At the invitation of HIPA, BME Automated Drive Lab also presented its innovations at the event.

Visitors could try driving a real car from 500 km away from the Munich exhibition. The guests were seated in a specially designed driver’s cabin and the steered vehicle moved on the ZalaZONE automotive test track in Zalaegerszeg in accordance with the signals from the steering wheel in Munich.

The other demonstration was a smart intersection, where passers-by were given a glimpse of how the real environment is mapped into digital information using digital twin technology and how this can help in everyday life. The development of the detector algorithms presented here was supported by the European Union within the framework of the National Laboratory for Autonomous Systems (RRF-2.3.1-21-2022-00002).”

In addition to education, Budapest University of Technology and Economics is a leading centre of innovation. The results of scientific research projects also have market value. Based on this, DriveByCloud Kft. was established in May this year to develop and exploit existing technology into a marketable product. The business is off the ground and is working to introduce itself and the technology it has developed to potential customers as much as possible.

DriveByCloud Ltd. staff were under constant siege from visitors at the demonstrations throughout the week. As a result, 16 negotiations were conducted that could lead to further cooperation opportunities. They hosted a number of engineers and managers from some of the largest European car manufacturers and suppliers. They and many others expressed their appreciation of the innovations on show.

Zsolt Vincze, CEO of DriveByCloud Ltd, the new BME spinoff company, stressed after the event:  “I can’t imagine a greater opportunity to introduce a technology with great potential for the automotive industry to as many relevant stakeholders as possible. I am very grateful for the support of both HIPA and BME, which made this special presentation possible for us.”