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We participated as a speaker in an international internal training for Bosch development engineers

The Department of Automotive Technologies of BME was a speaker at the in-house training of engineers involved in the development related to artificial intelligence, organized by Bosch for a Hungarian and international audience at the Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus of Robert Bosch Ltd.

The Bosch Summer School, a two-day program for the advanced training of development engineers, was held on 6-7 November this year, with over 100 participants.

This was the first time that a university participant was also involved in the program, which is now in its 4th year. Under a strict confidentiality agreement, our research engineers were able to gain insights into Bosch’s research into artificial intelligence and learn about the current challenges in development.

“It is a great pleasure for us and we are proud that, building on the mutual trust established over many years of cooperation and the expertise of our researchers, we were the first university to participate in one of the major training events of such a significant and prestigious multinational industrial partner,” said Zsolt SZALAY, PhD, Head of the Department of Automotive Technologies after the event.

In the field of camera-lidar fusion based environment detection Mihály Csonthó, in the field of reinforcement learning based motion planning and control at dynamic limits Hunor Szilárd Tóth, and on the investigation of the operation of neural networks in the light of known/unknown, correct/incorrect evaluation criteria, our colleague Dr. Árpád Török gave a presentation.