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Our professor gave a lecture on the topic of Reshaping Mobility in Japan’s third biggest city

Csaba Csiszár, professor of the Department of Transportation Technology and Economics, visited Nagoya University between 22.03.2024. and 30.03.2024 as part of a short-term scholarship program. The professor gave a lecture entitled ’Reshaping mobility – merging transitional transportation modes’ at the International symposium entitled Sustainable Urban Mobility through Modular and Integrated Transport System.

The purpose of the scholarship program was to build international relations and cooperation because personal relationships facilitate the common research and the submission of research proposals. On behalf of Nagoya University, Professor Toshiyuki Yamamoto was the host, who invited many Japanese and international professors and researchers to the symposium, including Morikawa Takayuki, Shoshi Mizokami, Yavuz Duvarci and Lanhang Ye. During the one-week stay, Csaba Csiszár presented the research areas and results of the department’s research groups, visited the laboratories of Nagoya University and learned about the youth education activities. Additionally, the joint research and publication opportunities were also explored.

The journey gave opportunity to learn about the local metro and railway system, as well as the port, visit the traditional Japanese market, enjoy Japanese food, learn about the disciplined behavior of the people, and also see the blossoming Japanese cherry trees (sakura). The view from the observation tower near the university also made the visit a lasting experience.