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New website content emphasizing entrepreneurship

MIT Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model
MIT Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Model

BME Vehicle Technologies Department is proud to announce the launch of new web content aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in education and research. The department’s commitment to developing higher education in line with the third-generation university model is highlighted in the latest additions to our website.

Zsolt Szalay Ph.D., Head of Department, stated, “As we move towards becoming a third-generation university, we are dedicated to emphasizing entrepreneurship in our teaching and research activities. Our aim is to be actively involved in solving social and economic problems and to promote the transfer of research knowledge into real life applications.”

The new content explores the concept of third-generation universities, institutions closely linked to society and the economic sector. The department’s focus on innovation, industrial relations, and practice-oriented research underscores our commitment to driving societal impact through academia.

As part of their entrepreneurial endeavors, the department created two university spin-off companies: iMotionDrive Ltd. and DriveByCloud Ltd. These ventures support the development and testing of autonomous vehicles, contributing to technological innovation in the automotive industry, the safety of future mobility, and thus its social acceptance.

In addition to entrepreneurial opportunities and industry research, the department collaborates with the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences to offer students a wider range of opportunities for education. Through inter-faculty cooperation and partnerships with industry leaders, students gain valuable insights and practical experience tailored to the needs of the market.

Dr. Szalay further emphasized, “Our goal is to empower students to succeed in both academia and the business world. Through initiatives like the ‘Starting and Operating Innovative Enterprises‘ course, taught by Dr. Pál Danyi and Tamás Iványi from the Department of Management and Business Economics, students deepen their understanding of business start-ups and gain practical knowledge to drive successful innovation.”

The Department of Automotive Technologies at Budapest University of Technology and Economics is at the forefront of shaping the future of education and industry collaboration. With a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, the department is poised to lead the way in driving academic excellence into societal impact.