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Coming soon – BME X JAGUAR LAND ROVER TechDay

Join us for the BME X JAGUAR LAND ROVER TechDay event featuring vehicle showcases and captivating presentations

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

🔧 Cutting-edge insights on Supplier Quality Assurance by STA

🔄 Simulation in Design – Exploring Injection Molding and Moldflow

💡 Dive into the World of System Engineering – Customized Function Development

🚘 Vehicle Testing – Theory vs. Practice: What’s the Reality?

🎶 From Concert Halls to Cars – Acoustic Modeling Insights

📍 Location: BME Building “J”

📅 Date: 14th May

🕘 Time: 09:00 AM – 14:00 PM

🔗 Register here now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the latest in automotive technology and engineering innovation! See you there! #BME #JaguarLandRover #TechDay #AutomotiveInnovation